Comments from Youth
"Great presentation."

"Thank you for your time. The presentation was very interesting. It was really cool."

"It was good information."

"Very good presentation. Thank you."

"Thank you for doing this. It really helps."

"The presentation was very interesting and there was a lot of info and I like that."

"I really enjoyed the presentation it was very interesting. I didn't feel uncomfortable when discussing sexual things! The speakers were awesome!"

"It was very interesting and entertaining! The presentation was interactive."

"Lots of information presented in the presentation and very well organized."

"Everything was excellent!"

"This is something very good to help educate us more."
Comments from Parents

"Extremely educational. Should be mandatory for working adults and parents."

"I learned a great deal from this presentation. Presenters were great and the presentation was very informative."

"No Means NO presentation was excellent, very informative, great PowerPoint and well organized."

"I really like the concept and the delivery of the NMN presentation. Det. Zimmerly presented the info very well."

"The class was good, there were things I did not know and I hope that soon it is in all the schools for all adolescent children to hear."

"I think this type of program is very good and are very helpful, especially for youth, to help avoid dating violence."

"This workshop was excellent. My children are all grown but will talk to them on how to talk to my grandchildren."

"Thank you for teaching us so as to be able to support and educate our children and ourselves."

"Thank you for opening our eyes and helping us to be more watchful of our children."

"Very good to help us take the blindfolds off and do what is right."

"Excellent information, I would love it if every child could get this information."

"It is very good to have these types of programs. We were not born parents and personally, this information was good. Thank you for this workshop.

"Thank you for this information. I would have never imagined the importance."

"Thank you for this very important information for us and for our children. Excellent and very necessary for parents."

"Outstanding. Every teenager should see this presentation."

"Great information for anyone, but especially for teens! Great presentation/presenters."

"Informative for young adults, covers all aspects of dating violence and sexual assault."